EPIC  Women's Retreats

The full EPIC Coaching Program includes three two and a half-day retreats.

Why retreats?


Women all over the world are living their best lives and they are no different from you. They are in loving relationships, satisfying careers, and commanding great incomes because they've recognized success is their birthright. Everyone is responsible for their own thinking and life. If you want to change yours, you must change yourself first. Nothing in your life will change unless you do.

These retreats lay the framework for connecting you to your truest self and advancing you to your highest potential. Each retreat tackles a different level of EPIC thinking - EPIC = Energy, Perception, Image, and Channel. The follow-up weekly coaching reinforces the changes keeping you focused and on point as you transform your life into one you love.

On these retreats, you will:

  • develop a new blueprint for your new life and an action plan to get you there

  • get clear on what you want and your life's current purpose

  • create a vision statement to guide you as you step into the fullness of your power

  • dive into what motivates and sustains you and connect with the type of energy that makes you jump out of bed in the morning

  • identify and overcome the imagined and real obstacles to creating your dreams

Due to the coronavirus, all in-person retreats are temporarily suspended until further notice. In lieu of retreats, in addition to group coaching calls, two-hour weekly content calls are being scheduled.